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Company Snapshot is an online car buying company.

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Ahmed Almusawi 1.0
Offer Amount: $800.00
Year: 2007
Make: BMW
Model: 3 Series

Very unprofessional and disrepectfull
After they offered me 800 for a car that is clean inside and out I asked to speak to a super visior.
He asked me if I'm a car dealer and j was a car dealer in the past I asked him how is that relevant and he got angry and cursed me

He claim the car drops down 60% but giving me 800 he almost took off 98%
Very bad place for businesses and seem like a scam
Avoid avoid ! He didn't have to curse me cause I was wondering about the price

Posted on May 22, 2017 9:15 pm
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Christopher Conly 1.0
Year: 2001
Make: Ford
Model: Ranger

Not a good company. Called on a Monday to sell vehicle. Explained that the vehicle was in the back yard on a trailer and if the towing company could get the vehicle off the trailer from the backyard. We were told yes, that they did that all the time. Scheduled an appointment for the next day. When towing company called, explained to them where the vehicle was again. They understood and said that they could get the vehicle as long as our fence opened wide enough for the vehicle to get in (It did). When the towing people came, they sent a tow truck wayyy too heavy and it already had 2 cars on it so no they could not get the truck off the trailer. They were supposed to call the next day and send someone else out who didn't have 2 cars but they kept saying they thought we would pull it out of the back yard. Why would they ask if the fence had an opening wide enough for their tow truck to get through if they expected us to pull the trailer out ourselves? Never heard back from the towing company. Finally, called junkacar, and left a message. They called back and asked if we were still interested in selling the vehicle they could send the tow truck back out. I said no. They said that if our yard was dry now they could get the vehicle. The yard was dry when they came out on Tuesday. Since they waited a week to call us, it had rained over the weekend. They acted like it was our fault the tow company couldn't get the vehicle. Awful service from start to finish. I do not recommend them. Plus I did get a higher offer from elsewhere, but went with junkacar because they said they could get the truck out and we didn't have to worry about that. Worst customer experience ever!

Posted on April 6, 2015 8:50 pm
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